A Mount Snow Culinary Throwdown

It was a high-speed lift ride to the taste buds.


The dining at these snowsports resorts is getting almost as good as the skiing and riding.

During a recent trip to Mount Snow in West Dover, VT, for an Eastern Ski Writers Association conference, the resort’s restaurants were no shy about showing off its culinary prowess.

1900' Burger, Harriman's Farm to Table and the Go Fish Sushi Bar put together a good old culinary throw-down.
Want to know what I’m talking about? Here’s a look at three dishes from the event:

The Angry Crab, 1,900' Burger: Mountainside Chef Ted Poler just smirked when he was asked what he would recommend.
Um, the Angry Crab was in the house.

The Angry Crab is an all-crab cake from Alaska (the chef is a fan of Deadliest Catch, too) with lemon slaw and a "shot" of hot sauce. The flavors blended nicely and did not smother the crab. The zing of the hot sauce was just enough. It is served on a roll and rivals even the best burger on the menu. (P.S. - Ate four slider-sized Angry Crabs. OK, OK, and three slider-size burger samples.)

The restaurant is located at the base of the mountain near the Bluebird Express chairlift.

Chevre and sweet potato mash, Harriman's Farm to Table: OK, the chefs tend to show off at these snowsports writers functions, but this was the best side dish, ever. It just tasted fantastic and that says more than a fancy description. I had to have an extra side dish of the side dish.

Harriman's is located on the first floor of the Grand Summit Hotel.

Eel and roasted shiitake with avocado and a lime sour cream sauce, Go Fish Sushi Bar: Not a sushi guy, not a sushi guy, not a sushi guy. It was good, it was good, it was good. Must be that seafood lover in me. Went back for seconds. Went back for seconds. Went back for seconds. Or was it thirds?

Go Fish is located in the base lodge and is Mount Snow's newest addition to its food lineup.

Mount Snow is located in about two hours from Hartford. For more on dining at Mount Snow visit http://mountsnow.com/dining/.


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