Stevens School Students Show Their Support For Troops [With Videos]

Teachers at Stevens Elementary School hold assembly in support of the troops serving overseas.


The staff at the held a special event on the eve of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day to remind the first and second graders of the importance of the troops serving overseas during the holiday season. 

Music teacher Betty Jo Stevens was thinking about her brother-in-law John E. Stevens and how he would not be home for the holidays. The former student is serving in the National Guard and is overseas until at least February. So, she decided to hold an assembly at to honor the men and women serving this country.

The support teachers had planned to hold the event on Veterans Day. However, it had to be cancelled because of Snowstorm Alfred. So, the teachers moved the event to December and called it "Soldiers for the Holidays."

On Tuesday, the students marched inside the gym to the music of John Phillip Sousa.  The students sang "Thank You, Soldiers" with the words and music by Michael and Angela Souders and Media Center Teacher Elaine Malespini recorded.

Many students and teachers cried during the song and thanked the support staff for holding the assembly. 

"They were very appreciative," Stevens said.

After the students completed recording the songs, they participated in two military inspired activities. Art teacher Jilani Scherer had the students make thank you cards for the soldiers and physical education teachers Donna Waite and Michael Gilbert had the first and second graders run a simulated "boot camp" obstacle course.

"We wanted them to pretend to be like soldiers," Gilbert said.

Scherer said during the holiday season, teachers cannot celebrate different traditions, but they can support being an American.

"We can all support the troops," she said.

Gilbert said the students were still talking about the event on Wednesday and added that the teachers would love to do the assembly again.

"It worked out awesome," Gilbert declared.

Stevens agreed with her colleague.

"We should do this every year," she said. "It was a good educational tool."

Attached are pictures of the thank you cards being sent to the troops serving overseas.


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