Personal Bankruptcy Filings in CT Down in 2011

Chapter 7 petitions were down to less than 1,800 in the last quarter, according to The Day.


Figures released on Thursday by The Commercial Record showed a decrease in the number of personal bankruptcy filings in Connecticut during the fourth quarter of 2011, according to The Day.

Less than 1,800 Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions were filed during the last quarter — down from 2,300 during the same period of 2010. Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings also decreased in 2011 — from 1,087 in 2010 to 934 last year. And according to the Warren Group, which publishes The Commercial Record, personal bankruptcy filings in the state decreased overall by 14 percent in 2011.

Timothy M. Warren Jr., chief executive of The Warren Group, told The Day that decrease in the number of filings "is running parallel" with the state's unemployment rates. According to state Department of Labor, consecutively between September and November 2011.

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