No Decision On West Street Nursing Home Yet

Superior Court judge not ready to render his opinion on the controversial Rocky Hill project.


Tuesday was a critical day in the fate of a controversial plan to house state prisoners to a privately owned nursing home on West Street.

A story in the Hartford Courant reported that, after listening to arguments on both sides of the issue, Judge Antonio C. Robaina decided he was not ready to determine a decision or make any injunction either way. 

The town was represented by Attorney Morris Borea. He motioned for the judge to stop the nursing home from opening. The town has a lawsuit pending against the owner of the home, operated by iCare Management LLC and SecureCare Realty LLC. To see more of that story, click here.

The Rocky Hill Town Council has condemed the project since it was unveiled.

AFSCME Local 387 President Moises Padilla, AFSCME Local 391 President Jon Pepe and AFSCME Local 1565 President Luke Leone issued this statement in advance of a public forum scheduled for Dec. 20 at Rocky Hill  School:

“Taking prisoners who have been remanded to the Department of Correction and placing them under private supervision imperils public safety. It violates the trust of victims and the public. We urge legislators, including those who represent Rocky Hill, to table the concept and to address the concerns of all stakeholders, including front line state prison employees.”

Town officials also have a problem with not knowing what was going to be proposed on the site until December. To read more about this, click here.

Senator Paul Doyle and Representative Tony Guererra fulfilled their promise to introduce legislation into the General Assembly to try to prevent the center from opening. Their bill would prohibit the state from releasing incarcerated or institutionalized persons into a private convalescent residence without municipal consent.

Labeling the facility a nursing home also allows the state to circumvent Rocky Hill's regular zoning process. West Street is not zoned to accommodate a correctional institution.

Mayor LaRosa disagrees with the classification of the facility as a nursing center.

"This is not your typical nursing home. They're going to be locked down, and if they're locked down, to me, that's a prison."

Harry February 07, 2013 at 02:44 PM
Just curious, when this does go through, and it will, how many of us out here plan on moving to a town or state that takes public safety seriously. Think about this, and I know we all are, but just yards away from sleeping children will be convicted fellons, sex afenders, mentally ill Adam Lanza type folks. We're told this is a muting home for terminal patients, and drug addicted and Adam Lanza's. Sooooo technically then can dump 10 terminally ill and fill 83 mental wack jobs cvh types. AND A JUDGE HAS TO THINK ABOUT THIS? Placing these threats in a residential neighborhood ?? What are zoning laws for lock down facilities? And can we force the state to purchase every home and business for fair market value that resides in that zone? Can we sue the state because none of us feel safe in our own homes? This has to be the worst thing to happen to Rocky Hill Maybe we should plan a meeting on a group move out of town...
Justin February 07, 2013 at 03:09 PM
We can all thank Dan Malloy for orchestrating this deal for his donor, the developer. This deal not only lacks transparency, it threatens the public safety of a community.
Harry February 07, 2013 at 05:57 PM
FYI NRA weekend at cabelas in east hartford, they will cover conceal carry, home defense and gun safety. RHPD as awesome as they are will not get to your home fast enough to protect your family against the "Adam Lanza's" that will be living in our neighbood - not to mention sex offenders and drug addicts... We no longer have any say in this matter, heck, we never did , did we....


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