How Does 'Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire Department Memorial Highway' Sound To You?

Two Rocky Hill lawmakers, state Sen. Paul Doyle and Rep. Antonio Guerrerea, hope to designate Route 99 this new title.

Could the portion of Route 99 that goes through Rocky Hill be designated in honor of the local fire department?

That's at least one porposal on the table, according to a piece of legislation introduced this year by state Sen. Paul Doyle and Rep. Antonio Guerrera, two members of Rocky Hill's delegation in Hartford, as well as state Sen. John Fonfara and Rep. Russ Morin of Wethersfield.

Under the proposal, titled Bill No. 244, the portion of Route 99, a state highway  that runs through Rocky Hill would be designated "Rocky Hill Volunteer Fire Department Memorial Highway," while the portion of the highway running through Wethersfield would be designated the "Wethersfield Volunteer Fire Department Memorial Highway."

The bill is now being discussed by the General Assembly's Committee on Transportation.

Multiple state highways in Connecticut retain both a numerical designation but also a name, usually recognizing a local official, noted figure or a municipal police or fire department.

Here's the statement of purpose on the proposal, which explains a bit more about it:

"To rename Route 99 in Wethersfield and Rocky Hill to recognize the volunteer fire departments in each municipality.

Route 99 begins as the northbound Exit 18 ramp of Route 9 in Cromwell. At the end of the off ramp, the road continues north as Main Street. (Access from Main Street to the southbound on-ramp for Route 9 is designated as State Road 901).

Main Street is a two-lane road that goes north through Cromwell up to Rocky Hill for about 5.6 miles (9.0 km). At the junction with Elm Street (Route 160), the road becomes a four-lane road known as the Silas Deane Highway. The Silas Deane Highway continues through Rocky Hill up to the town of Wethersfield. It serves as the main thoroughfare of these two towns, also providing access to several shopping centers. Route 99 has interchanges with Interstate 91 in Rocky Hill and the Wilbur Cross Highway (Route 15) in Wethersfield.

At the Hartford city line, Route 99 ends but the road continues into downtown Hartford as Wethersfield Avenue."

Harry March 12, 2013 at 03:31 PM
Can we rename West Street to Malloys Residentail Prison Way
Jim Choquette March 12, 2013 at 05:22 PM
Why not just put a plaque or something on the town green? Something would be nice but to rename 99/Silas Deane Hwy seems frivolous and most unnecessary. Like the XL Center that folks still call The Hartford Civic Center renaming Silas Deane is not going to have an impact other than annoyance. Our town needs to focus on what's already on the table. PS: For those of you claiming there are enough text books in the high school especially for honors classes and AP classes I have news for you....there are not. My son has been sharing or using a teacher's book during his senior year....but we are told how this textbook issue isn't real.....
Eric Hopkins March 12, 2013 at 07:12 PM
How about letting the glory of "good works" be with the Lord!
cjd11 March 12, 2013 at 07:59 PM
No disrespect intended, but that's kind of a strange comment. If all roads were named after God, it would be pretty hard to give directions. And we're talking about the Silas Deane Highway here- it's not exactly a wonder of the natural world like the Grand Canyon or the Great Barrier Reef. Ed, thanks for posting that explanation, it seems a lot more reasonable. I'd like to know the back story (was this bill made on behalf of a particular honorable fire fighter, suggested by a Rocky Hill/Wethersfield resident, or was it an original idea of the sponsors?), but it seems pretty harmless.
Eric Hopkins March 12, 2013 at 09:30 PM
No, you mis-read what I said. Let the glory of any good works be with the Lord. I didn't say to rename it after the Lord.


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