Employment Help Group Honored by Town

Over 200 people have been assisted by the Rocky Hill Reemployment Support Group.


The received a proclamation for its work helping residents get back to work at the Monday night.

The group was started in 2009 as a church project, but quickly grew into a community-wide program. has donated a hall to the group each week for its meetings.

The Rocky Hill Reemployment Support Group teaches people how to write a effective resume and cover letter, develop a list of target employers and prepare for an interview. They also prepare people how to “tell me about yourself in two minutes or less” as well as negotiate their salary. 

The group's members have worked with over 1,000 unemployed people and are aware of over 200 attendees getting jobs because of the program.

“Often they don’t come back and tell us they got a job,” said Joe Soja, the group's creator. Some of the graduates of the program have come back to become members of the group, he added.

The following members of the group were honored for "their ongoing support and dedication in helping individuals find reemployment," according to proclamation.

  • Ellen Bock
  • John Brancati
  • June Carslon
  • Marty Carlson
  • Winifred (Fred) Grimaldi
  • Mary Hogan
  • Jim Passier
  • Rita Reali
  • Marge Ruschau
  • Rodrigo Salcedo
  • Mike Scaringe
  • Joe Soja
  • Margaret Soja

“I know you are as all proud of them as I am in what they do for our community and how they help the unemployed,” Joe Soja said. “And I don’t have to tell you what that is about.”

One of the members of the group is Director Mary Hogan who works with the unemployed one and one and provides them with access to all the library’s services such as Universal Classes. Universal Classes is used to help people, who have Rocky Hill library cards, take free online courses to improve the resume and skill set.

The , which consists of 13 members from Rocky Hill and surrounding towns, meets every Thursday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at . The group is free of charge. A new each week.

For more information, email rhjobgroup@gmail.com or call 860-380-0581.


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