Budget Cuts Announced: "State government needs to live within its means."

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy makes cuts totaling $170 million in rescissions from state agencies to try to steer away from the state's fiscal cliff.


A Press Release from the Office of Policy and Management

The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) yesterday released a list of $170 million in rescissions from state agencies in an effort to keep the state budget in balance. That dollar figure is within the statutory authority the Governor has to rescind up to 5 percent of any line item and 3 percent of any fund without seeking legislative changes to the state budget.

The rescissions are in response to a budgetary shortfall for the current fiscal year that is currently estimated at $365 million. The rescissions for Executive Branch agencies, which the Governor makes, total $161,694,693. Legislative leaders have agreed to $3 million and the Judicial Branch agreed to $5.75 million in rescissions.

“There is no one reason for the projected shortfall,” said OPM Secretary Ben Barnes. “The sluggish national economy is part of the equation. Revenue hasn’t recovered as it has in the past when Connecticut was working to climb out of a recession. The demand for services, particularly Medicaid, remains higher than expected. But we have faced larger challenges than this, and done so responsibly. Nothing on that front has changed.” 

Secretary Barnes also pointed out that had the economic recovery been similar to the 2003 recovery, revenue from Income and Sales taxes would be $725 million higher. Several other states, including Massachusetts and New Jersey, have similar shortfalls.

“Many of these cuts are very difficult to make, especially now when so many residents continue to struggle in a tough economy,” Barnes continues. “But as painful as they are, cuts are necessary to keep this year’s budget in balance.  State government needs to live within its means.”

“And we should all remember that as difficult as some of these reductions are to make now, there are more, even tougher choices ahead.”

Barnes then noted that a legislative proposal on deficit mitigation is forthcoming in December. “We are working on a Deficit Mitigation Plan that will completely erase the projected deficit. We hope to work with legislative leaders of both parties on a package that responsibly manages our state’s financial challenges.”

The list of rescissions and transmittal letter are available here.

Robin Hood December 04, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Rowland did the same and worse. By keeping his mouth shut about the actual corruption and doing a few months from ripping off 3 million people he gets any "consulting" job he wants and his own radio show where he gets to spread more Repub BS and brainwashing. Anyone fron either party who gets elected in this state is controlled and owned by UBS, CIGNA, UTC, Pfizer, EB/GD, Banks etc etc Malloy did state "shared sacrifice". But he is dyslexic, maybe he doesn't know what it means.
Robin Hood December 04, 2012 at 01:47 PM
You all ought to read this. http://thehaddams-killingworth.patch.com/articles/connecticut-spends-860-million-on-businesses-incentive-programs-68465f9b who benefited from this crap? a few rich people and that's it Living within your means means it, giving to the rich instead of helping the poor is the work of scumbags, greedy little urchins that have no soul, they are not human, not sure what they are.
Robin Hood December 04, 2012 at 03:56 PM
The Governor is in the pocket of UBS, CIGNA, Pfizer, UTC, Bridgewater, Royal Bank of Scotland. Without cutting Corporate Welfare to the bone we will get nowhere, scapegoating state employees is old, it's a scam, services need to be policed better, they need better management and auditing, but we need these agencies. Malloy ran on Shared Sacrifice which he took as cutting state workers, cutting state services and raising taxes while increasing Corporate Welfare to corporations that are rolling in dough. No he is surprised that his plan did not work, did not create jobs or savings and we are in debt, so his new plan is to cut on the people some more while giving more to the rich. This is called One Dimensional Thinking, One Dimensional Thinkers look at the world in terms of extremes ignoring any middle ground that doesn't correlate with their own foregone conclusion or personal agenda. Everything must fit neatly into their good/evil paradigm. They alway consider their side to be the "good" side and those who disagree, the "bad", or "evil" side. They can't admit they are wrong and will continue in their original path even if it hurts millions or their loved ones and even themselves because to change course would be admitting failure or error, and they can't be wrong.
Observor December 04, 2012 at 05:12 PM
The state pays subsidies to bribe employers to come here and/or not leave. Were the state not saddled with crippling taxes that are used to pay unionized state payrollers far more in salary and benefits than they are worth and to subsidize worthless busways and similar projects to throw a bone to construction unions we wouldn't have to bribe employers to stay and there would be no need for corporate welfare.
Ex-Democrat December 05, 2012 at 03:41 PM
So what are you saying that malloy is basing his administration after a guy who went to prison for corruption? If the patch created an article on how corrupt roland was then i will be happy to comment how corrupt roland was but roland isnt governor anymore. Were talking about how corrupt our actual governor malloy and his democrat minions are. Yes i openly say corrupt because it came out right in the patch that the governor personally passed a motion that hid how bad the state finances are from all of us until after the election while at the same time passing out millions in free grant money all over the place to make local democrats running for election look good (im talking about you myers crawford and vicino). Now malloy is openly admitting all their opponents both independent and repubs were right all along about the state being broke even though he called them all liars during the election. There is no way the democrats malloy spend all kinds of money on to make them look good (im talking about you myars crawford and vicino) are going to forget the favor when theyre asked to rubber stamp the governors plans that make the state even more broke. If that isnt corrupt then i must have a broken dictionary. This is what all the people voted to approve when they mindlessly based their vote on democrat propaganda and this is why we need a third political party we can choose from and maybe even a fourth party just to keep the other three honest.


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