Letter to the Editor: Proposed Housing Development on Brook Street

Former Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman "concerned with influence of developer" for project.


The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by former Planning and Zoning Commission Member Barry Goldberg of Regulatory Land use Consulting, LLC:

To Members of the Planning & Zoning Commission

Being a former member of the Rocky Hill planning and zoning commission with over 20 experiences with zoning issues. I’m concern with the influence the developer of a proposed town house development on Brook St has with the town. Not only is the developer’s attorney misinterpreting the regulations but so is the town attorney.

The planning and zoning regulations and definitions clearly state that a mix use development involving a residential use has to be within the structure. In the Office Park zone a combination of commercial use or uses permitted in the underlying district and a residential use, meeting the applicable standards of the underlying and under the use requiring a special permit states uses in structures of less than 15,000 sq. ft. of GFA

I made the motion to defeat the Brook St development proposal which carried unanimously mainly on basis that there exist no standards to review this proposal. In the town attorney’s opinion given to the commission at the time its states that the proposal must meet the standards of the Office Park zone. Since the proposal is not by definition a mixed use within each structure there exist no standard to administrate the regulations or set conditions to protect the public welfare. 

Multi-family and town house zoning was eradicated from the zoning regulations in the 1980s so the Town’s housing stock would have a chance to balance out with the creation of more single family housing. Now 30 years later town government is so desperate for tax revenue they are not only looking to violate the regulations and but are willing to open the Town House Zoning Pandora Box.

If there is willingness to make a change it should be done with developing a new Plan of Development for the town.

Jaclyn Farnham May 17, 2012 at 02:35 PM
Way to go Barry! Someone who is brave enough to stand up to the corruption in this Town. Someone with experience, who knows what he is talking about. We should all be listening and taking action.


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