Letter to the Editor: Iino, Annino and Dudek 'Right for the Job'

Killingworth resident: Candidates have the town’s best interest at heart.

I’m proud to say I’ve been a member of the Killingworth community as a resident and business person for 33 years.  I’ve always voted for the people I’ve thought were the most qualified for their positions, whether they were Republican, Democrat, or Independent. My feeling is that a large number of people in Killingworth also do the same. That’s what makes Killingworth different from many other towns.

After speaking with a number of the candidates and reading much of their commentary from various sources, I decided that the 3 best people to serve as Selectmen for the next two years would be Cathy Iino, Lou Annino Jr. and Fred Dudek. The other candidates seem to be well intentioned, but I think they are not right for the job at this time.

I think that Cathy, Lou, and Fred have shown over the years, through their service to the community and involvement in town affairs, that they have the town’s best interest at heart.

As a member of the Parmelee Farm Steering Committee since its inception, and its chairman for the past two years, I have had the opportunity to work with Cathy on the many aspects of developing a Master Plan for the future of this wonderful piece of town property.  Cathy is one of the most involved and visible First Selectmen I’ve seen in our town for many years. She has attended many of our meetings and has shown a strong interest in seeing how the Parmelee Farm project is progressing. Cathy has been a volunteer at many of our farm clean-up days, and has been a big help in working with our committee to identify grants for which the Farm might qualify. She has been very helpful to our committee in reviewing the grants that have been applied for, and in some cases, helped to write them.  I know she also attends many of the other town’s committee meetings, listening, and staying in touch.  In my many conversations with Cathy, I know she does all she can to make Killingworth a better community for all of us to live in.  Based on these, and many of her other fine attributes, I think Cathy Iino is the best person to guide Killingworth for another two years.

Another candidate that I have known for many years, (23), and have worked with on many projects, is John McMahon. He has my utmost respect.  As Chairman of the Board of Finance, he has been an insightful leader and has shown a genuine concern for the financial stability of our town.  I know that John’s number one priority is to make Killingworth a better place for all of us, and to make sure the finances are spent in the best possible way for all the townspeople.  I think if you talked to many of the members of the Board of Finance and other residents, they would agree, that John is the right person for the job and deserves our support for another term on the BOF.

Bruce Dodson and Charlie Martens are two other candidates who deserve reelection.  For over 20 years we have volunteered on many community projects to benefit the citizens of Killingworth.  They are hard workers and men of integrity who want only the best for our town.

I hope that all the voters come out and make their voices known on Tuesday Nov.8th.  Vote for people that you think are the most qualified, for these positions, and NO, I don’t think, “It’s time for a change”.

In my opinion, it’s time to vote for people who are willing to bring residents together, in a positive way, not divide them.

Tim Gannon

Kathleen Amoia November 07, 2011 at 01:00 PM
Wouldn't a kumbaya moment go well with a cup of coffee right about now? Just a thought. Let's all just take a deep breath, remember how we learned to play in the sandbox in kindergarten and go to the polls tomorrow and settle this the democratic way, by voting.
Tim Withington November 07, 2011 at 01:24 PM
Part #1 It is clear that he has taken his political posture from fellow right wing folks because his disinformation is eerily familiar. Mr. Romero insists that we should exchange a thoughtful, approachable considerate, highly educated First Selectman like Cathy Iino for a part time business manager, risk management consultant and salesman. Mr. Romero’s caricature like view of Killingworth is clear in his Hockey Rink proposal as well as his utter lack of involvement in community affairs. I am a Deputy Director of Emergency Management and the Local Emergency Planning Commissioner. I am a Paramedic and volunteer for Killingworth Ambulance and a member of CT-1 DMAT. I have responded to disasters in the Gulf and elsewhere in our country. I have seen with my own eyes the stellar performance of Cathy Iino.
Tim Withington November 07, 2011 at 01:25 PM
Part #2 While Cathy Iino stayed up all night at the Emergency Shelter during Hurricane Irene, seamlessly implementing the towns Emergency plan, major candidates on Mr. Romero’s ticket did not even know that Killingworth had an emergency plan. Cathy responded seamlessly to both Hurricane Irene and the Fall Nor’easter because of the fact that she has taken the time to learn the towns emergency plan, to participate in emergency functions, and to immerse herself in community affairs. Cathy’s view of Killingworth is a multidimensional one that has been developed not with some marketing strategy but by listening to every citizen and honesty considering their point of view. Mr. Romero would like to repeat his marketing strategy over and over in the hope that the good people of Killingworth will believe it. Mr. Romero, the people of Killingworth are smarter than that.
Tim Gannon November 08, 2011 at 01:56 PM
Please make the effort to go and Vote. Please consider these 3 candidates to lead Killingworth for the next 2 years!
just joe November 08, 2011 at 07:13 PM
...just voted!!! .....when this country, including us, seems to be going down a road of not our choosing, I guess voting TO HOLD THE LINE was the best choice I could make. PS....I have noted that bios with stated qualifications for the jobs the candidates wish to hold BE REQUIRED of all candidates who will be on the ballot. I am not the most avid follower of local pollitics, but I can't vote for anybody in particular because the are a Democrat, a Republican, or for that matter, unaffiliated with any major party......................if I have no informartion on them and what makes them qualified enough for the job, I simply skip them.(now, let's get those signs down, winners and losers!!!)


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