Does a Candidate’s “Greenness” Affect How You Vote?

From local candidates up to the presidential race, does it matter to you as a voter how “Green” a candidate is?


Generally speaking, Republicans are portrayed as not being concerned with environmental issues, whereas Democrats are considered to be all for helping the environment. If that were true across the board, Romney supporters, who are also Republicans, would be “less green” than Obama supporters, who are also Democrats.

Is this concept, perhaps, a misperception?

A recent article by CNN references a poll by Harris Interactive and Sunrun, a solar power company, that indicates Mitt Romney supporters “are more likely to have made green home improvements than supporters of President Obama.”

According to the poll, 64% of Romney supporters versus 58% of Barak Obama supporters have made “green” improvements to their homes with changes like energy efficient appliances and low-flow toilets.

"This data shows us that a new shade of green is emerging, and it's not dominated by any particular side of the political spectrum," Sunrun President Lynn Jurich said in a statement.

From fracking (hydraulic fracturing) to protecting open space to labeling GMO’s and every shade of green in-between, does your vote go to the candidates who are “greener” regardless of party affiliation? Or, is a candidate’s stance on environmental issues not a decision maker when you cast your vote?

Tell us what you think in the comments about politics and environmental issues.


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