JC & The Vipers To Rock The Music Score

Blues and classic rock band will host and perform during an open microphone concert Friday Night.


A band with its roots in Rocky Hill will take to the stage on Friday Night at to rock the crowd, but also as a chance to encourage the audience to participate in the experience.

The members of JC & The Vipers, who previously played together in another local band, were exchanging emails in early February. All of the men had the desire to perform again and wanted to play more blues and classic rock songs. So, they decided to form a band together.

"We started jamming and it was if no one skipped a beat," said keyboardist Bob Rustigian. "You know, Wow! We are all on the same page."

From the first song, which was "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry, the band started to click and come together, Rustigian said. He added that the band never works off a song list and they often play whatever song is on their minds at the time.

"We never follow a set list," he said.

JC & The Vipers is named after its lead vocalist Jim Choquette.

"He's the heart and soul of the band," Rustigian, who also provides backup vocals, said.

The rest of the band includes Andy “Fretts” Hellmuth rocking lead guitar, Rob Greene slamming on the drums and Gil Flores on slapping the bass and providing backup vocals. 

The band will be performing this Friday at the "Spring Fling" Open Mic during .

Each month, a local performing artist hosts the evening with a musical theme ranging from pop to classical. Rustigian started hosting open microphone parties during the final Friday of each month as a chance to support local music and the arts.

However, JC & The Vipers will not be the only performers that evening. The event is an open microphone forum, so anyone can perform on Friday night. Rustigian is asking any aspiring artists to come out and exercise their chops before a live audience.

"If you have any talent at all, then give it a test drive in front of some good people," he said.

Rustigian enjoys watching kids take to the stage and feels it is an important part of becoming a musical artist.

"There's the payoff," Rustigian said about the rush from performing in front of crowds.

Anyone is welcome to attend the concert and open mic at 7:30 p.m. on Friday at The Music Score. The event is free and snacks and drinks will be provided.

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Leslie W. Choquette April 02, 2012 at 03:50 AM
Open Mic Night at the Music Score is a real musical treat. Especially when JC & THE VIPERS are performing. The band plays treasured favorites in the world of blues, classic rock and memorable spontaneous jamming. All with a positive flow and smooth vocals. Very enjoyable band for good listening and toe tapping. The lead singer Jim has real chops, plays guitar and harmonicas. Check them out.


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