Man La Mancha Takes the Stage Friday

Rocky Hill Theatre production is a play within play.

The curtains will rise and the actors of the Rocky Hill Theatre will take the stage as they perform “Man of La Mancha” starting Friday night.

Man of La Mancha follows Miguel de Cervantes, a failed author and actor, who has been imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition with all of his belongings. He is put on trial for all his possessions and as his defense he and the other prisoners perform the play, Don Quixote.

“It is a play within a play,” Michael Barron, who plays Cervantes and Quixote, said. He added that the original book is “incredible” and some people think it is the first modern novel.

Barron, who lives in Branford, is a highly trained actor who has been in over 40 productions over his 25-year acting career. But, he has waited a long time to play the roles of Cervantes and Quixote.

“It’s a role I have waited for many years to play,” Barron said. 

For Ryan Pipke, who grew up in Rocky Hill, the play offers him a chance to return to the stage after a long absence. Pipke said he has not performed since high school, due to his work schedule.

Liz Daigle, director and producer of the production, said that the play is “uplifting” and “optimistic.”

“I think that it is nice to see today,” Daigle said. “It is a true story that lifts your spirits.”

The play will be performed on Friday, Saturday and July 23 at 7:30 p.m. as well as July 24 at 2 p.m. inside the Community Center gym. 

For tickets, call 860-563-3471 or use the following link. Tickets are $20. For more information, visit the Rocky Hill Theatre website


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