What's That Red Logo on Facebook Pages Across the Country?

Here in Rocky Hill, many have followed suit, going red for marriage equality, by sharing the Human Rights Campaign's logo, showing their support for LGBT equality in Connecticut.


You may have wondered at the logo showing up all over Facebook — a red square with two pink horizontal lines and folks changing their profile photos to this symbol that stands for marriage equality.

It's an effort by the Human Rights Campaign that coincides with Supreme Court oral arguments today and Wednesday in Washington, D.C. on the issue.

The equality symbol signifies that marriage equality really is all about love, the HRC post says, adding that in addition to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender supporters, heterosexuals are especially encouraged to do so as "straight allies."

"Together we will show the nation that we believe all Americans deserve to be treated fairly and equally under the law — no matter who they love," according to the HRC.

 is among those who have followed suit. He says he's doing it for the rights of his constituents of every sexual orientation.

"Middletown constituents who are legitimately married in Connecticut are denied basic rights from the federal government, like Social Security survivorship benefits. I think it's horrific that constituents of mine are being discriminated against by the federal government," Lesser says.

The HRC is the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans with more than 1.5 million members and supporters nationwide.

Founded in 1980, HRC advocates on behalf of LGBT Americans, mobilizes grassroots actions in diverse communities, invests strategically to elect fair-minded individuals to office and educates the public about LGBT issues, according to its website.

On the Huffington Post, LGBT activist, writer and blogger John Becker writes in "The Weight of History: Marriage Equality at the Supreme Court,"

No one knows for certain how the arguments today or tomorrow will go, nor do we know how the Supreme Court will rule in June. But we do know that the day will soon come when LGBT individuals, couples, and families are equally protected under the law. We know it won't be long until we are fully and wholly included in the lofty American ideals of liberty and justice for all. And we know that we will win this fight.

The full weight of our history has come to bear today, and I know it will ultimately tip the scales toward justice, toward love.

On Twitter, the HumanRightsCampaign ‏@HRC offers updates and even luminaries like Chelsea Clinton, Kristen Bell and Sophia Bush have gotten on board.


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