Video Profile Highlights Rocky Hill

Watch this clip then try your hand at making a video profile for Rocky Hill.

CT Real, a local real estate website, uploaded this video profile of Rocky Hill to YouTube a couple years ago.

Watch through the 1:30-minute clip above and let us know if you think it hits all of Rocky Hill's high points.

Think you can do better? Shoot your best video profile of Rocky Hill and send it to Aaron@patch.com.

WINEGUY51 July 10, 2014 at 03:05 PM
the article fails to show the hundreds of people from India who are part of the guest worker program..and the jobs they take away from American citizens...it also fails to show the "foundry project'..which is the "project for the rich and non tax payers/wealthy who will use the taxpayers to pay their condo taxes for the next 10 years......rocky hill is not the rocky hill of 1980..it has been raped and pillaged by the greed of a chosen few!...its a sad display of rampant American greed!


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