Report: DMV OK's 'Devil' But Not 'God' on New Vanity Plates

A report by Fox CT shows how the DMV is okay with some vanity plate names and disapproving of others.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
By Ronald DeRosa 

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles has started issuing new vanity plates in Connecticut, now allowing for seven characters rather than six.

But what can be allowed on a license plate and what can't be? According to a report by Fox CT, the findings are a tad surprising.

Devil, Tekila and Crabs are all approved terms. But, God, Vodka and Ducky are all denied terms, Fox reported.

DMV spokesman Bill Seymour told the station the decision on what is allowed and denied is made by a five-person committee, and it has to go back to when the plates were issued.

The state spent some $26 million to upgrade its DMV computer system and, along with the upgrade, came the ability to allow for an additional letter or number on each license plate.

Want to find out if a specific word or phrase is available or prohibited (or taken) on a vanity plate? The DMV has a handy system that helps you figure that out.


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