Poll: What Was Your Favorite Christmas Present?

'Tis no longer the season. So looking back, what was your favorite gift you unwrapped?


Christmas 2011 is but a memory, save for perhaps some cardboard packaging in the garage and that plate of cookies that seems to hang around until Valentine's Day every year.

But what about those gifts that you unwrapped? That Shake Weight your husband so thoughtfully ordered for you? The iPod Touch? The Kindle Fire? The brand new Lexus with a bow around it that suddenly appeared in your driveway on Christmas morning? (Oh wait, that only happens in TV commercials.)

Take our poll to tell us what your favroite gift from the Christmas of 2011 was, and tell us about — and give a shout-out to the person who gave it to you — in the comments! You can also upload a picture by clicking on the "Upload Photos and Video" button.


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