Lost Cat near East Berlin, Rocky Hill line

Have you seen Lola? Her owner is heartbroken.

LOLA is Lost AND, I AM HEARTBROKEN... Please, if you think you know anything about Lola contact me!!!!

If you have found Lola, she is truly loved. I thank you so much for caring for her. I miss her terribly, my heart is broken. Please, call me so that I can bring her home. I will give a $$$ reward... Please.

She is a somewhat small cat. She is a mix of of brown, orange (but little or no orange in the winter), gray, white, cream, and black fur. Her face is lighter on one half than the other, and she has extremely green eyes. She is very friendly and talkative. Please call me if you find my beloved cat. Her name and number are on her tag (a large, pink heart) but it is pull-away so maybe it fell off) with an old address crossed off in black marker.

Please! My cat looks like these photos but by now she is probably scruffy. During the winter there is very little orange in her fur so her overall effect is mostly brown with other accents as stated above. I love her so much. Please help me find her. If you have ANY information, please call me!

(617) 216-3226

Karen Horan-Silva January 19, 2013 at 01:42 PM
Is she microchipped so local vets can scan her?
Leslie Fabian March 12, 2013 at 09:43 PM
I just found this post. Whoever posted it on my behalf... thank you so very much!!!!


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